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Best of Buenos Aires

Best of Buenos Aires
 CN Cinema
 October 2004
$14.95 List Price
$14.95 OUR PRICE
Sales Rank: 26,606
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Buenos Aires, Argentina is the best kept secret in the travel industry -- a very AFFORDABLE, world-class, sophisticated European-type city in South America.

If you are considering traveling to this beautiful city, this video is an absolute must-see. With extensive input from both locals and tourists in early 2004, CNI Cinema brings you the insider information on the top 10 places to see and do in Buenos Aires.

Find out where you can
- Stay at a three star hotel with a health spa for less than $35 a night in high season!
- Dine on fine Argentina beef and wine for less than $5, including tip!
- Buy a posh three bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood for less than $50,000 or rent for less than $500/month
- Go upscale shopping for bargains and buy designer clothing at 1/3 the cost!
- enjoy a leisurely day of antique bargain hunting in an open air market!
- Take a day trip to the Pampas and ride with Argentina's legendary gauchos!
- Explore the architectural gems from Buenos Aires Belle Epoch!
- Sip coffee with the elite in old world Cafe Tortoni!
- Hang glide over the dramatic La Pampa countryside
- Take Tango lessons from world champion teachers and learn the secrets of this sensual dance!
- Party into the night with the beautiful men and women of this fun loving city

You won't find many of these top ten attractions in a guidebook -- some off the beaten path - but all worth exploring.

* The Tango Palaces of old San Telmo
*Tigre Island Paradise
*Historic Plaza de Mayo and the tomb of the liberator of South America, Jose Martin
*Cosmopolitan Puerto Madera with dozens of fine restaurants
*Splendid Recoleta Cemetery, where Argentina's elite lay in rest in elegant tombs
*Gaucho Horse Country

Find out why Buenos Aires is at the very top of the list for experienced world travelers in the very best of Buenos Aires.

Product Reviews

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Average rating: 5.0
Excellent Resource DVD Rating
October 29, 2004 Rating: 5.0 stars

This is an awesome DVD and the only one I could find exclusively on Buenos Aires.

Most of the travel books on Buenos Aires were written before 2001, when Buenos Aires was a very expensive travel destiination. This one was produced in 2004, and is a must for anyone traveling to this incredible city, where three star hotels cost as little as $40 during high season and a steak dinner with wine and tip in a good restaurant goes for about five dollars.

This DVD really covers the Buenos Aires scene, with invaluable information on what to see, where to stay, dine, shop and Tango.

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